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    The "manual process" referred to is not so much a "technical challenge" as it is a "planning opportunity." Carriers have a limited amount of floor space in each vehicle (box truck or large trailer.) Each pallet of a shipment occupies floor space, thus the important distinction between "stackable" and "non-stackable" pallets of mail. As the pioneer of online destination entry drop shipping, and the industry leader for 20 years, we've learned that shipments which exceed the carrier's standard floor-space allowance (e.g. 12 pallet positions) may be candidates for alternate shipping methods which (in many cases) can save the customer money and improve delivery performance. However, additional dynamics (job scheduling, production capacity, storage capacity, in-home targets, etc.) all come into play when trying to determine the best shipping option, and that is why we bring in the TDM customer service team as a "manual process." Having said all of that, we recognize there is still room for enhancing some of these functions within the TDM system itself, and we are working toward those improvements...

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